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  1. J. Preston Christopher, Y. Sheinin Maxim, J. Sproat Denyse & P. Swarup Vimal (2010). The Novelty of Nano and the Regulatory Challenge of Newness. NanoEthics 4 (1).score: 870.0
    A great deal has been made of the question of whether nano-materials provide a unique set of ethical challenges. Equally important is the question of whether they provide a unique set of regulatory challenges. In the last 18 months, the US Environmental Protection Agency has begun the process of trying to meet the regulatory challenge of nano using the Toxic Substances Control Act (1976)(TSCA). In this central piece of legislation, ‘newness’ is a critical concept. Current EPA policy, we argue, does (...)
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  2. R. Lakhan & P. Vimal (2010). On the Quest of De_ning Consciousness. Mind and Matter 8 (1):93-121.score: 240.0
    About forty meanings attributed to the term consciousness can be identified and categorized based on functions and experiences. The prospects for reaching any single, agreed-upon, theory-independent definition of consciousness appear remote. Here, the goal is to search for a theory-dependent optimal and general definition accommodating most views. This quest is mostly based on the premise that evolution must have optimized our mental system in terms of experience and function. Based on a dual-aspect dual-mode proto-experience/subjective experience optimal framework, an optimal definition (...)
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