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    Gary S. Dell & Padraig G. O'Seaghdha (1992). Stages of Lexical Access in Language Production. Cognition 42 (1-3):287-314.
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    Padraig G. O'Seaghdha & Jenn-Yeu Chen (2009). Toward a Language-General Account of Word Production: The Proximate Units Principle. In N. A. Taatgen & H. van Rijn (eds.), Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. 68--73.
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    Padraig G. O'Seaghdha (1999). Parsimonious Feedback. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (1):51-52.
    The insistence on strict seriality and the proscription of feedback in phonological encoding place counterproductive limitations on the theory and WEAVER ++ model. Parsimony cannot be stipulated as a property of the language system itself. Lifting the methodological prohibition on feedback would allow free exploration of its functionality in relation to the substantial content of this major research program.
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