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    Pamela Andanda (2005). Module Two: Informed Consent. Developing World Bioethics 5 (1):14–29.
    ABSTRACTThe objective of this module is to familiarise you with the concept of informed consent, its ethical basis, its elements, and typical problems that are encountered even by the most well intentioned researchers when trying to achieve genuine informed consent.
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    Pamela Andanda (2009). Vulnerability: Sex Workers in Nairobi's Majengo Slum. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 18 (2):138.
    Researchers from the Universities of Oxford, Nairobi, and Manitoba are collaborating on a project to develop an HIV vaccine based on the immunological protection mechanisms found in commercial sex workers from the Majengo slum in Nairobi. This group consists of educationally and economically disadvantaged women who resort to commercial sex work for a living. A clinic was established in the slum to study sexually transmitted diseases, which now includes HIV/AIDS. The clinic serves as a research facility for the collaborating researchers (...)
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    Pamela Andanda & Sandra Govender (2015). Regulation of Biobanks in South Africa. Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 43 (4):787-800.
    The availability of biological samples and data is critical for the establishment of biobanks for health research purposes. Such availability should be ensured in accordance with relevant national legislation and ethical principles. In this article, we consider the extent to which the current legal and ethical regulatory frameworks in South Africa are capable of governing the use of stored biological samples in a manner that facilitates health research while at the same time protecting the interests of sample donors. These two (...)
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  4. Pamela A. Andanda (2006). The Law and Regulation of Clinical Research: Interplay with Public Policy and Bioethics. Focus Publilshers.
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