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Profile: Patricia Mary Lourdes Illingworth (Northeastern University)
  1. Patricia M. L. Illingworth (2011). Us Before Me: Ethics and Social Capital for Global Well-Being. Palgrave Macmillan.
    Machine generated contents note: -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Overcoming Indifference -- Social Capital -- Ethics for Enduring Social Capital -- Social Capital and Happiness -- Social Capital and Law -- Giving Back -- Global People -- Bibliography -- Index.
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  2. Patricia M. L. Illingworth (1990). Explaining Without Blaming the Victim. Journal of Social Philosophy 21 (2-3):117-126.
  3. Patricia M. L. Illingworth (1988). The Friendship Model of Physician/Patient Relationship and Patient Autonomy. Bioethics 2 (1):22–36.