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    Ben Caplan, Chris Tillman & Patrick Reeder (2010). Parts of Singletons. Journal of Philosophy 107 (10):501-533.
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    Stewart Shapiro & Patrick Reeder (2009). A Scientific Enterprise?: A Critical Study of P. Maddy, Second Philosophy: A Naturalistic Method. [REVIEW] Philosophia Mathematica 17 (2):247-271.
    For almost twenty years, Penelope Maddy has been one of the most consistent expositors and advocates of naturalism in philosophy, with a special focus on the philosophy of mathematics, set theory in particular. Over that period, however, the term ‘naturalism’ has come to mean many things. Although some take it to be a rejection of the possibility of a priori knowledge, there are philosophers calling themselves ‘naturalists’ who willingly embrace and practice an a priori methodology, not a whole lot different (...)
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    Patrick Reeder (2015). Zeno’s Arrow and the Infinitesimal Calculus. Synthese 192 (5):1315-1335.
    I offer a novel solution to Zeno’s paradox of The Arrow by introducing nilpotent infinitesimal lengths of time. Nilpotents are nonzero numbers that yield zero when multiplied by themselves a certain number of times. Zeno’s Arrow goes like this: during the present, a flying arrow is moving in virtue of its being in flight. However, if the present is a single point in time, then the arrow is frozen in place during that time. Therefore, the arrow is both moving and (...)
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