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    Christopher C. Baswell & Paul Beekman Taylor (1988). The Faire Queene Eleyne in Chaucer's Troilus. Speculum 63 (2):293-311.
    The dialectic of private desire and public imperative — their conflict and interpenetration and mutual causation — has been the theme of the Troy story through three millennia. When W. B. Yeats wrote a poem about the irruption of sexual passion in the pattern of human events, and its incalculable aftermath in history, he restated powerfully for the twentieth century a perception which nevertheless goes back to Homer.
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    Paul Beekman Taylor (2001). Gurdjieff and Orage: Brothers in Elysium. Weiser Books.
    Nine years later, after successfully representing Gurdjieff in New York as a teacher, writer, and fund-raiser, Orage returned to England to found and edit The ...
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