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    Paul C. Anders (2011). Mind, Mortality and Material Being. Sophia 50 (1):25-37.
    Many religiously minded materialist philosophers have attempted to understand the doctrine of the survival of death from within a physicalist approach. Their goal is not to show the doctrine false, but to explain how it can be true. One such approach has been developed by Peter van Inwagen. After explaining what I call the duplication objection, I present van Inwagen’s proposal and show how a proponent might attempt to solve the problem of duplication. I argue that the very features of (...)
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  2. Paul C. Anders, Joshua C. Thurow & Kenneth Hochstetter (2014). On Counterfactuals of Libertarian Freedom: Is There Anything I Would Have Done If I Could Have Done Otherwise? American Philosophical Quarterly 51 (1):85-94.
  3. Paul C. Anders (2005). William Dembski and Michael Ruse, Eds., Debating Design: From Darwin to DNA Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 25 (3):175-179.
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    Paul C. Anders (2012). Analytic Theology. Faith and Philosophy 29 (2):236-240.
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    Paul C. Anders (2008). Is Nature Enough? Faith and Philosophy 25 (3):339-342.
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    Paul C. Anders (2008). In Defense of Natural Theology: A Post-Humean Assessment. Faith and Philosophy 25 (1):102-106.