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Paul Newberry [3]Paul A. Newberry [2]
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    Paul A. Newberry (2001). Joseph Butler on Forgiveness: A Presupposed Theory of Emotion. Journal of the History of Ideas 62 (2):233-244.
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    Paul Newberry (2004). The Three Dimensions of Forgiveness. Philosophy in the Contemporary World 11 (2):73-79.
    Recent philosophical literature contains several definitions of ‘forgiveness.’ These fail because the meaning of one part of a complex notion is taken as the meaning of the whole. Ordinary language use indicates three kinds of sufficient conditions for forgiveness where by people canforgive by meeting any one of those conditions.
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    Debra Jackson & Paul Newberry (2012). Critical Thinking: A User's Manual. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.
    CRITICAL THINKING: A USER’S MANUAL offers an innovative skill-based approach to critical thinking that provides step-by-step tools for learning to evaluate arguments. Students build a complete skill set by recognizing, analyzing, diagramming, and evaluating arguments; later chapters encourage application of the basic skills to categorical, truth-functional, analogical, generalization, and causal arguments as well as fallacies. The exercises throughout the text engage readers in active learning, integrate writing as part of the critical thinking process, and emphasize skill transference. A special feature, (...)
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  4. Harriet J. Smith, James E. King & Paul Newberry (1976). Facilitation of Discrimination Learning-Set in Squirrel Monkeys by Colored Food Stimuli. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 7 (1):5-8.
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