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  1. Paula T. Hertel, Amanda A. Benbow & Elke Geraerts (2012). Brooding Deficits in Memory: Focusing Attention Improves Subsequent Recall. Cognition and Emotion 26 (8):1516-1525.
  2. Paula Hertel & Leda McDaniel (2010). The Suppressive Power of Positive Thinking: Aiding Suppression-Induced Forgetting in Repressive Coping. Cognition and Emotion 24 (7):1239-1249.
  3. Paula Hertel (2004). Memory for Emotional and Nonemotional Events in Depression. In Daniel Reisberg & Paula Hertel (eds.), Memory and Emotion. Oxford University Press 186--216.
  4. Daniel Reisberg & Paula Hertel (eds.) (2004). Memory and Emotion. Oxford University Press.
    Understanding the interplay between memory and emotion is crucial for the work of researchers in many arenas--clinicians, psychologists interested in eyewitness ...
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  5. Paula T. Hertel (2002). Cognitive Biases in Anxiety and Depression: Introduction to the Special Issue. Cognition and Emotion 16 (3):321-330.
  6. Paula T. Hertel & Colleen Parks (2002). Emotional Episodes Facilitate Word Recall. Cognition and Emotion 16 (5):685-694.
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  9. Linda J. Anooshian & Paula T. Hertel (1994). Emotionality in Free Recall: Language Specificity in Bilingual Memory. Cognition and Emotion 8 (6):503-514.
  10. Paula T. Hertel (1994). Depressive Deficits in Word Identification and Recall. Cognition and Emotion 8 (4):313-327.
  11. Paula T. Hertel (1989). The Generation Effect: A Reflection of Cognitive Effort? Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 27 (6):541-544.
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  12. Daniel M. Wegner, Toni Giuliano & Paula T. Hertel (1985). Cognitive Interdependence in Close Relationships. In W. J. Ickes (ed.), Compatible and Incompatible Relationships. Springer-Verlag 253--276.
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