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    Pedro T. Lima, Vitor G. Faria, Pedro Patraquim, Alessandro C. Ramos, José A. Feijó & Élio Sucena (2009). Plant‐Microbe Symbioses: New Insights Into Common Roots. Bioessays 31 (11):1233-1244.
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    Porfirio Silva & Pedro U. Lima (2007). Institutional Robotics. In F. Almeida e Costa et al (ed.), Advances in Artificial Life. ECAL 2007. Springer-Verlag
    Pioneer approaches to Artificial Intelligence have traditionally neglected, in a chronological sequence, the agent body, the world where the agent is situated, and the other agents. With the advent of Collective Robotics approaches, important progresses were made toward embodying and situating the agents, together with the introduction of collective intelligence. However, the currently used models of social environments are still rather poor, jeopardizing the attempts of developing truly intelligent robot teams. In this paper, we propose a roadmap for a new (...)
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