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    Austin Duncan-Jones, C. D. Broad, William Kneale, Martha Kneale, L. J. Russell, D. J. Allan, S. Körner, Percy Black, J. O. Urmson, Stephen Toulmin, J. J. C. Smart, Antony Flew, R. C. Cross, George E. Hughes, John Holloway, D. Daiches Raphael, J. P. Corbett, E. A. Gellner, G. P. Henderson, W. von Leyden, P. L. Heath, Margaret Macdonald, B. Mayo, P. H. Nowell-Smith, J. N. Findlay & A. M. MacIver (1950). New Books. [REVIEW] Mind 59 (235):389-431.
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    Percy Black (1950). New Books. [REVIEW] Mind 59 (235):531-532.
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    Percy Black (1993). Extraneous Intrusions in Moral Temptation Can Switch Decisions. Journal of Moral Education 22 (2):139-156.
    In three replicated studies, a total of 855 adults described their reasons pro and con a recent moral temptation, and they rated on Likert scales the perceived importance of certain variables pertinent to their decision, “do it” or “don't do it”. Three patterns of pro: con strengths were found in both decisions: pro>con ; con>pro ; and pro = con . And in apparent contradiction of common sense, the decision in a substantial minority was the reverse of Typicals in both (...)
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