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  1. [deleted]Adam Thomas, Andrea Dennis, Peter A. Bandettini & Heidi Johansen-Berg (2012). The Effects of Aerobic Activity on Brain Structure. Frontiers in Psychology 3.score: 960.0
    Aerobic activity is a powerful stimulus for improving mental health and for generating structural changes in the brain. We review the literature documenting these structural changes and explore exactly where in the brain these changes occur as well as the underlying substrates of the changes including neural, glial, and vasculature components. Aerobic activity has been shown to produce different types of changes in the brain. The presence of novel experiences or learning is an especially important component in how these changes (...)
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  2. David C. Knight, Hanh T. Nguyen & Peter A. Bandettini (2006). The Role of Awareness in Delay and Trace Fear Conditioning in Humans. Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience 6 (2):157-162.score: 870.0
  3. [deleted]M. Mur, M. Meys, J. Bodurka, R. Goebel, P. A. Bandettini & N. Kriegeskorte (2012). Human Object-Similarity Judgments Reflect and Transcend the Primate-IT Object Representation. Frontiers in Psychology 4:128-128.score: 300.0
    Primate inferior temporal (IT) cortex is thought to contain a high-level representation of objects at the interface between vision and semantics. This suggests that the perceived similarity of real-world objects might be predicted from the IT representation. Here we show that objects that elicit similar activity patterns in human IT tend to be judged as similar by humans. The IT representation explained the human judgments better than early visual cortex, other ventral stream regions, and a range of computational models. Human (...)
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  4. L. G. Ungerleider, H. Heekeren, S. Marrett & P. A. Bandettini (2004). Perceptual Decision-Making in Human Prefrontal Cortex. In Robert Schwartz (ed.), Perception. Malden Ma: Blackwell Publishing 23-23.score: 240.0
  5. G. Abakoumkin, K. Acham, G. Agronick, G. K. Aguirre, M. Ainsworth, S. I. Alexandrov, D. C. Alsop, S. M. Andersen, P. K. Anokhin & C. Arce (2007). Bandettini, PA, 442 Bandura, A., 128,130,131,151,446. In L. I͡A Dorfman, Colin Martindale & Vladimir Petrov (eds.), Aesthetics and Innovation. Cambridge Scholars Pub. 471.score: 120.0
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