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    Valerie A. Wajda-Johnston, Paul J. Handal, Peter A. Brawer & Anthony N. Fabricatore (2001). Academic Dishonesty at the Graduate Level. Ethics and Behavior 11 (3):287 – 305.
    We investigated the definition, prevalence, perceived prevalence and severity of, as well as justifications for and expected responses to, academic dishonesty at the graduate level in a sample of 246 graduate students, 49 faculty, and 20 administrators. Between 2.5% and 55.1% of students self-reported engaging in academically dishonest behaviors, depending on the nature of the behavior. Students and faculty rated 40 examples of academically dishonest behaviors similarly in terms of severity, but faculty tended to underestimate the prevalence of academic dishonesty. (...)
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    Abraham Fuks, James Brawer & J. Donald Boudreau (2012). The Foundation of Physicianship. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 55 (1):114-126.
    The practice of medicine involves continual change, driven by a constant stream of developments in the understanding of biological structure and function relevant to human diseases, and the parallel improvements in pharmacologic and other technological interventions. This change is also driven by evolving social philosophies, ethical trends, and lifestyles. As products of society, doctors absorb contemporary values and norms. Indeed, it would appear that the ethical norms and standards of medical practice are flexible, and that the characteristics of medical practice (...)
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    Michał Heller (1992). Wśród ostatnich lektur [recenzja] Valori, Scienza e Transcendenza, vol. secondo: Un dibatto sulla dimensione etica e religiosa nella communita scientifica internazionale, 1990. A. Lightman, R. Brawer, Origins - The Lives and Worlds of Modern Cosmologist. [REVIEW] Zagadnienia Filozoficzne W Nauce 14.
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