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    Peter H. Plesch (2007). On Working with Michael Polanyi. Tradition and Discovery 34 (2):39-50.
    This two-part article includes the following: (1) excerpts from Peter H. Plesch’s essay originally published in Journal of Polymer Science, Part A (2004) 42, 7: 1537-1546 which reflects on Plesch’s research with Polanyi; (2) Plesch’s short account titled “Michael Polanyi and the Paranormal” which complements his original article’s discussion of his work with Polanyi. Together these two pieces provide interesting insights into P'olanyi’s work as a research scientist as weIl as reflections on the nature of scientific (...)
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    Peter H. Plesch (1999). On the Distinctness of Chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry 1 (1):6-15.
    Chemistry is concerned with all aspects of the changing of one kind of matter into another. It has many parts and all but one of these are so different from all the adjacent sciences that their distinctness is obvious; the exception is physical chemistry. The activities of its practitioners resemble prima facie those of physicists. These however deal with unchanging matter that retains its chemical identity, and virtually all their experimental information is numerical. The physical chemist's concerns are the nature, (...)
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    B. G. Malmström, L. McIntyre, P. H. Plesch, R. M. Richman, D. Rothbart, E. R. Scerri, R. Strand, J. Van Brakel, H. Vancik & G. K. Vemulapalli (1999). Authors Index Volume. Foundations of Chemistry 1 (313).
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