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    Michael Pendlebury, Peter Hudson & Darrel Moellendorf (2001). Capitalist Exploitation, Self-Ownership, and Equality. Philosophical Forum 32 (3):207–220.
    Traditional Marxists hold that capitalist modes of production are unjustly exploitative. In 'Self-Ownership, Freedom and Equality' G. A. Cohen argues that this ``exploitation charge'' commits traditional Marxists to the thesis that people own themselves (``self-ownership''). If so, then traditional Marxism is vulnerable to a libertarian challenge to its commitment to equality. Cohen, therefore, recommends that Marxists abandon the exploitation charge. This paper undermines Cohen's case for the alleged link between the exploitation charge and self-ownership primarily by defending an account of (...)
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    Peter Hudson, Keith Skamp & Lyndon Brooks (2005). Development of an Instrument: Mentoring for Effective Primary Science Teaching. Science Education 89 (4):657-674.
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