1. Bang Nguyen Pham, Timothy Adair & Peter S. Hill (2010). Maternal Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors Associated with the Sex Ratio at Birth in Vietnam. Journal of Biosocial Science 42 (6):757-772.
    In recent years Vietnam has experienced a high sex ratio at birth SRB) amidst rapid socioeconomic and demographic changes. However, little is known about the differentials in (...)
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    Bang Nguyen Pham, Timothy Adair, Peter S. Hill & Chalapati Rao (2012). The Impact of the Stopping Rule on Sex Ratio of Last Births in Vietnam. Journal of Biosocial Science 44 (2):181-196.
    This study examines the hypothesis that the stopping rule-a traditional postnatal sex selection method where couples decide to cease childbearing once they bear a son-plays a role in high sex ratio of last births (SRLB). The study develops a theoretical framework to demonstrate the operation of the stopping rule in a context of son preference. This framework was used to demonstrate the impact of the stopping rule on the SRLB in Vietnam, using data from the Population Change Survey 2006. The (...)
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    Bang Nguyen Pham, Wayne Hall, Peter S. Hill & Chalapati Rao, Analysis of Socio-Political and Health Practices Influencing Sex Ratio at Birth in Viet Nam.
    Viet Nam has experienced rapid social change over the last decade, with a remarkable decline in fertility to just below replacement level. The combination of fertility decline, son preference, antenatal sex determination using ultrasound and sex selective abortion are key factors driving increased sex ratios at birth in favour of boys in some Asian countries. Whether or not this is taking place in Viet Nam as well is the subject of heightened debate. In this paper, we analyse the nature and (...)
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