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Profile: Philip Andrew Quadrio (University of New South Wales)
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    Philip A. Quadrio (2009). Kant and Rousseau on the Critique of Philosophical Theology: The Primacy of Practical Reason. Sophia 48 (2):179-193.
    This paper explores the Rousseauian background to Kant’s critique of metaphysics and philosophical theology. The core idea is that the rejection of metaphysics and philosophical theology is part of a turn from theoretical to practical reason influential on European philosophy of religion, a turn we associate with Kant but that is prefigured by Rousseau. Rousseau is not, however, a thinker normally associated with the notion of metaphysical criticism, nor the notion of the primacy of practical reason. The paper draws out (...)
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    Philip A. Quadrio (2010). Speaking to the People: Critchley, Rousseau and the Deficit in Practical Rationality. Critical Horizons 10 (2):209-224.
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    Philip A. Quadrio (2013). Hegel's Relational Organicism. Critical Horizons 13 (3):317 - 336.
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    Robert Sinnerbrink & Philip A. Quadrio (2009). Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance: Simon Critchley's Infinitely Demanding. Critical Horizons 10 (2):153.
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  5. Paolo Diego Bubbio & Philip Andrew Quadrio (eds.) (2011). The Relationship of Philosophy to Religion Today. Cambridge Scholars.
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