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  1. Prasanta S. Bandyopadhayay, Robert J. Boik & Prasun Basu (1996). The Curve Fitting Problem: A Bayesian Approach. Philosophy of Science 63 (3):272.score: 960.0
    In the curve fitting problem two conflicting desiderata, simplicity and goodness-of-fit, pull in opposite directions. To this problem, we propose a solution that strikes a balance between simplicity and goodness-of-fit. Using Bayes' theorem we argue that the notion of prior probability represents a measurement of simplicity of a theory, whereas the notion of likelihood represents the theory's goodness-of-fit. We justify the use of prior probability and show how to calculate the likelihood of a family of curves. We diagnose the relationship (...)
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  2. Prasanta S. Bandyopadhayay (1994). In Search of a Pointless Decision Principle. PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association 1994:260 - 269.score: 960.0
    I advance a decision principle called the "weak dominance principle" (WDP) based on the interval notion of probability to deal with the Ellsberg type paradox (ETP). Given ETP, I explain three things: (i) Why WDP is a better principle than many principles e.g. Kyburg's principle and Gardenfors and Sahlin's principle, (ii) Why one should not, contrary to many principles, expect a unique solution in ETP, and (iii) What is the relationship between WDP and the principles mentioned above. I prove also (...)
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