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  1. G. de Wert, R. L. P. Berghmans, G. J. Boer, S. Andersen, B. Brambati, A. S. Carvalho, K. Dierickx, S. Elliston, P. Nunez, W. Osswald & M. Vicari (2002). Ethical Guidance on Human Embryonic and Fetal Tissue Transplantation: A European Overview. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 5 (1):79-90.score: 2010.0
    This article presents an overview ofregulations, guidelines and societal debates ineight member states of the EC about a)embryonic and fetal tissue transplantation(EFTT), and b) the use of human embryonic stemcells (hES cells) for research into celltherapy, including `therapeutic' cloning. Thereappears to be a broad acceptance of EFTT inthese countries. In most countries guidance hasbeen developed. There is a `strong' consensusabout some of the central conditions for `goodclinical practice' regarding EFTT.International differences concern, amongstothers, some of the informed consent issuesinvolved, and the (...)
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