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    J. S. Moore, R. S. Boyer & R. E. Shostak, Primitive Recursive Program Transformation.
    arbitrary flowchart programs by introducing a new recursive function for each tag point. In the above example, one obtains: int(x) = int1(x,0), p(n,¤| ,... .ur. ¢.vH(¤.¤,.~¤,) ..... 1 h(n.c¤| ..... ¤r)), w(n.y2l(n.¤l ,.... ul,) ...., y2r(n,a|,_,,¤l_))_..
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  2. Axel Cleeremans, Arnaud Destrebecqz & Maud Boyer (1998). Implicit Learning: News From the Front. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2 (10):406-416.
    69 Thompson-Schill, S.L. _et al. _(1997) Role of left inferior prefrontal cortex 59 Buckner, R.L. _et al. _(1996) Functional anatomic studies of memory in retrieval of semantic knowledge: a re-evaluation _Proc. Natl. Acad._ retrieval for auditory words and pictures _J. Neurosci. _16, 6219–6235 _Sci. U. S. A. _94, 14792–14797 60 Buckner, R.L. _et al. _(1995) Functional anatomical studies of explicit and 70 Baddeley, A. (1992) Working memory: the interface between memory implicit memory retrieval tasks _J. Neurosci. _15, 12–29 and cognition (...)
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    Tadeusz W. Zawidzki (2003). Mythological Content: A Problem for Milikan's Teleosemantics. Philosophical Psychology 16 (4):535-538.
    I pose the following dilemma for Millikan's teleological theory of mental content. There is only one way that her theory can avoid Gauker's [(1995) Review of Millikan's White queen psychology and other essays for Alice, Philosophical Psychology, 8, 305-309] charge that it relies on an unexplained notion of mapping or isomorphism between mental state and world. Mental content must be explained in terms of the mapping relation that is required for mental state producing and consuming mechanisms to perform their biologically (...)
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    Reuben Hersh (1998). Erratum. Philosophia Mathematica 6 (1):85-85.
    In my article on proof [Philosophia Mathematica (3) 5 (1997), 153—165], I suggested or intimated that computer proofs of mathematical theorems had been found only for relatively simple or trivial theorems. I am obligated to Martin Davis and R. S. Boyer for the information that this suggestion or intimation is incorrect. For instance, a machine proof of quadratic reciprocity was published by D. M. Russinoff in J. Automated Reasoning 8 (1992), 3–21. A machine proof of the unsolvability of the (...)
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  5. R. Blanco (1999). On a Hypothetical Explanation of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect. Foundations of Physics 29 (5):693-720.
    I study in detail a proposal made by T. H. Boyer in an attempt to explain classically the Aharonov-Bohm (AB) effect. Boyer claims that in an AB experiment, the perturbation the external incident particle produces on the charge and current distributions within the solenoid will affect back the motion of the external particle. With a qualitative analysis based on energetic considerations, Boyer seemed to arrive at the conclusion that this perturbation could give account of the AB effect. (...)
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  6. Robert Boyers (ed.) (1975). Psychological Man. Harper & Row.
    Boyers, R. and Orrill, R. Preface.--Rieff, P. The impoverishment of Western culture.--Rieff, P. Observations on the therapeutic.--Kolakowski, L. The psychoanalytic theory of culture.--Jones, J. Five versions of psychological man.--Cioran, E. M. Civilized man.--Jameson, F. Herbert Marcuse.--Beldoch, M. The therapeutic as narcissist.--Huizinga, J. Puerilism.--Brown, N. O. Rieff's "fellow teachers."--Nelson, B. and Wrong, D. Perspectives on the therapeutic in the context of contemporary sociology.--Sedgwick, P. Mental illness is illness.--Foucoult, M. History, discourse and discontinuity.
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