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Profile: Rodrigo Soto (Universidad Panamericana Sede Guadalajara)
  1. R. C. O'Reilly, R. Busby & R. Soto (2003). Three Forms of Binding and Their Neural Substrates: Alternatives to Temporal Synchrony. In Axel Cleeremans (ed.), The Unity of Consciousness. Oxford University Press 168--192.score: 300.0
  2. R. Hernandez (1995). Sorprendente doctrina de Domingo de Soto sobre la gracia. Ciencia Tomista 122 (3):519-529.score: 36.0
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  3. Ranmalee Eramudugolla, Marc R. Kamke, Salvador Soto-Faraco & Jason B. Mattingley (2011). Perceptual Load Influences Auditory Space Perception in the Ventriloquist Aftereffect. Cognition 118 (1):62-74.score: 30.0
    A period of exposure to trains of simultaneous but spatially offset auditory and visual stimuli can induce a temporary shift in the perception of sound location. This phenomenon, known as the 'ventriloquist aftereffect', reflects a realignment of auditory and visual spatial representations such that they approach perceptual alignment despite their physical spatial discordance. Such dynamic changes to sensory representations are likely to underlie the brain's ability to accommodate inter-sensory discordance produced by sensory errors (particularly in sound localization) and variability in (...)
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  4. Alan Kingstone, Shai Danziger, Stephen R. H. Langton & Salvador Soto-Faraco (2002). A Review of Attentional Capture: On its Automaticity and Sensitivity to Endogenous Control. [REVIEW] Psicologica International Journal of Methodology and Experimental Psychology 23 (2):343-346.score: 24.0
  5. Claudio Gutiérrez, Sebastián Jaramillo & Jorge Soto-Andrade (2011). Some Thoughts on A. H. Louie's “More Than Life Itself: A Reflection on Formal Systems and Biology”. [REVIEW] Axiomathes 21 (3):439-454.score: 18.0
    We review and discuss A. H. Louie’s book “More than Life Itself: A Reflexion on Formal Systems and Biology” from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, involving both biology and mathematics, taking into account new developments and related theories.
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