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Profile: Rajakishore Nath (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)
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    Rajakishore Nath (2009). Machine Intelligence (MI), Competence and Creativity. AI and Society 23 (3):441-458.
    In mid-twentieth century, the hypothesis, ‘a machine can think’ became very popular after, Alan Turing’s article on ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. This hypothesis, ‘a machine can think’ established the foundations of machine intelligence (MI), and claimed that machines have consciousness and creativity, with the power to compete with human beings. In the first section, I shall show how consciousness and creativity is conceptualized in the domain of MI. The main aim of MI is not only to construct difficult programs to (...)
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    Rajakishore Nath (2009). Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence: A Critique of the Mechanistic Theory of Mind. Universal Publishers.
    This book deals with the major philosophical issues in the theoretical framework of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular and cognitive science in general.
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