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  1. Ranan B. Banerji (2006). Society, Scientists, and the Spirit. Authorhouse.score: 870.0
    Introduction : society and science -- Science and spirituality -- The quantum physicist and the nature of the world : the mystic's approach to the nature of existence -- "Universal consciousness" and "individual consciousness" in the phenomenon of observation -- Experiments on the universal consciousness : the Buddhist concept of "karma" -- Morphogenesis and complex structures -- Field to soul to God : a flight of fancy -- Evolution to the materialist and the idealist -- From flights of fancy to (...)
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  2. Ranan B. Banerji (1991). The Need for a Formal Education in Artificial Intelligence. In P. A. Flach (ed.), Future Directions in Artificial Intelligence. New York: Elsevier Sciencescore: 870.0