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    Michael L. Peterson & Raymond J. VanArragon (eds.) (2004). Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion. Blackwell Pub..
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    Raymond J. VanArragon (2001). Transworld Damnation and Craig's Contentious Suggestion. Faith and Philosophy 18 (2):241-260.
    In this paper I discuss William Lane Craig’s response to problems faced by Molinists who hold that an eternal hell exists and that most people who fail to accept Christ during their earthly lives end up there. Craig suggests that it is plausible to suppose that most people who fail to accept Christ suffer from transworld damnation, and that the fact that they do ensures that it is fair that they end up in hell regardless of whether they hear the (...)
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    Raymond J. VanArragon (2009). Review: Pascal's Wager: Pragmatic Arguments and Belief in God - by Jeff Jordan. [REVIEW] Faith and Philosophy 26 (2):205-209.
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    Kelly James Clark & Raymond J. VanArragon (eds.) (2011). Evidence and Religious Belief. Oxford University Press.
    Evidence and Religious Belief contains eleven chapters by prominent philosophers which push the discussion in new directions. The volume has three parts.
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  5. Raymond J. VanArragon (2007). In Praise of the Jogger. In Michael W. Austin (ed.), Running & Philosophy: A Marathon for the Mind. Blackwell Pub.
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