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    Rebecca Julia Cook (2015). Off-Label Drug Use as a Consent and Health Regulation Issue in New Zealand. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 12 (2):251-258.
    The term “off-label drug use” refers to drugs that have not yet acquired “approved” status or drugs that have acquired “approved” status but are used with a different dosage, route, or administration method other than that for which the drug has been approved. In New Zealand, the Medicines Act 1981 specifically allows for off-label drug use. However, this authority is limited by the Health and Disability Commissioner Regulations 1996 and the common law, which require that off-label drug use is of (...)
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  2. Rebecca J. Cook, Bernard M. Dickens & Mahmoud F. Fathalla (2003). Reproductive Health and Human Rights: Integrating Medicine, Ethics, and Law. Clarendon Press.
    The concept of reproductive health promises to play a crucial role in improving health care provision and legal protection for women around the world. This is an authoritative and much-needed introduction to and defence of the concept of reproductive health, which though internationally endorsed, is still contested. The authors are leading authorities on reproductive medicine, women's health, human rights, medical law, and bioethics. They integrate their disciplines to provide an accessible but comprehensive picture. They analyse 15 cases from different countries (...)
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    Rebecca J. Cook & Bernard M. Dickens (2002). The Injustice of Unsafe Motherhood. Developing World Bioethics 2 (1):64–81.
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    Rebecca J. Cook (2013). Human Rights and Maternal Health: Exploring the Effectiveness of the Alyne Decision. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 41 (1):103-123.
    This article explores the effectiveness of the decision of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in the case of Alyne da Silva Pimentel Teixeira (deceased) v. Brazil, concerning a poor, Afro-Brazilian woman. This is the first decision of an international human rights treaty body to hold a state accountable for its failure to prevent an avoidable death in childbirth. Assessing the future effectiveness of this decision might be undertaken concretely by determining the degree of Brazil's actual compliance (...)
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    Rebecca J. Cook & David A. Grimes (1992). Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 20 (3):149-153.
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    Rebecca J. Cook (1989). International Dimensions of the Department of Justice Arguments in the Webster Case. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 17 (4):384-394.
  7. Charles G. Ngwena & Rebecca J. Cook (2008). HIV/AIDS, Pregnancy and Reproductive Autonomy: Rights and Duties. Developing World Bioethics 8 (1):iii-vi.