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  1. Richard N. Boyd (2001). Reference,(in) Commensurability and Meanings. In Paul Hoyningen-Huene & Howard Sankey (eds.), Incommensurability and Related Matters. Kluwer 1--63.
  2. Richard N. Boyd (1999). Kinds, Complexity and Multiple Realization: Comments on Millikan's "Historical Kinds and the Special Sciences". Philosophical Studies 95 (1/2):67-98.
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  3. Richard N. Boyd (1995). 15 How to Be a Moral Realist. In Paul K. Moser & J. D. Trout (eds.), Contemporary Materialism: A Reader. Routledge 297.
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  4. Richard N. Boyd (1993). Metaphor and Theory Change. In A. Ortony (ed.), Metaphor and Thought, 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press
  5. Richard N. Boyd (1985). Lex Orandi Ast Lex Credendi. In P. M. Churchland & C. A. Hooker (eds.), Images of Science: Essays on Realism and Empiricism. University of Chicago Press
  6. Richard N. Boyd (1985). The Logician's Dilemma: Deductive Logic, Inductive Inference and Logical Empiricism. [REVIEW] Erkenntnis 22 (1-3):197 - 252.
  7. Richard N. Boyd (1983). On the Current Status of the Issue of Scientific Realism. Erkenntnis 19 (1-3):45 - 90.
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  8. Richard N. Boyd (1976). Approximate Truth and Natural Necessity. Journal of Philosophy 73 (18):633-635.
  9. Richard N. Boyd (1973). Realism, Underdetermination, and a Causal Theory of Evidence. Noûs 7 (1):1-12.