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    Richard W. Bargdill (2006). Fate and Destiny: Some Historical Distinctions Between the Concepts. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 26 (1-2):205-220.
    There has been a great deal of attention given to the "free will versus determinism" debate. However, little attention has been paid to the most common expressions from this controversy--people's everyday experience of fate and destiny. In fact, fate and destiny are terms that are often used as synonyms as if there were no differences between the two words. This paper distinguishes the two concepts by reviewing some historical distinctions made by a variety of philosophers, psychologists and scientists. The paper (...)
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    Richard Bargdill (2000). The Study of Life Boredom. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 31 (2):188-219.
    This article extends the study of a phenomenological investigation in which six participants wrote protocols and gave interviews describing the experience of being bored with their lives. This study found that the participants gradually became bored after they had compromised their life-projects for less desired projects. The participants felt emotionally ambivalent because they were thematically angry with others involved in their compromises while being pre-reflectively angry with themselves. The participants non-thematically adopted passive and avoidant stances toward their lives that allowed (...)
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  3. R. W. Bargdill (2006). Starko, AJ (2005). Creativity in the Classroom: Schools of Curious Delight. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 37 (1):124.
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