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  1. Rita Felski (2008). Uses of Literature. Blackwell Pub..
    Proposing that the interaction between reader and literature involves four “modes of textual engagement” — recognition, enchantment, knowledge, and shock — The Uses of Literature bridges the gap between literary theory and common-sense beliefs about why we read literature.
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  2. Rita Felski (1998). Critique of Feminist Aesthetics. In Michael Kelly (ed.), Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. Oxford University Press
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    Rita Felski (1995). The Gender of Modernity. Harvard University Press.
    If our sense of the past is inevitably shaped by the explanatory logic of narrative, then the stories that we create in turn reveal the inescapable presence and ...
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    Rita Felski (2005). The Role of Aesthetics in Cultural Studies. In Michael Bérubé (ed.), The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies. Blackwell 28--43.
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