1. Mariagrazia Capizzi, Ángel Correa, Alex Wojtowicz & Robert D. Rafal (2015). Foreperiod Priming in Temporal Preparation: Testing Current Models of Sequential Effects. Cognition 134:39-49.
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    Shai Danziger, Robert Fendrich & Robert D. Rafal (1997). Inhibitory Tagging of Locations in the Blind Field of Hemianopic Patients. Consciousness and Cognition 6 (2-3):291-307.
    This study evaluated the potential contribution of extrageniculate visual pathways to oculomotor orienting reflexes in hemianopic patients. It tested whether extrageniculate pathways mediate inhibition of return —a phenomenon characterized by slowed target detections at recently stimulated locations . Because hemianopic subjects cannot overtly respond to stimuli presented within their hemianopic field, we utilized a spatial cueing paradigm that capitalized on the fact that IOR operates in spatiotopic coordinates. Subjects moved their eyes so that a cue and a target presented at (...)
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  3. Robert D. Rafal, S. Bem, Adrienne Rock, Laura Blumenfeld, Robert Isenhart, Laura Bodanski, S. Bunce, J. Seger, A. Carol & H. Shevrin (1997). B H Prinzmetal, William, 372 Baars, Bernard J., 1, 363 Hendrickx, Hilde, 87 Hillyard, Steven A., 50 Bachmann, Talis, 491 R Baeyens, Frank, 87 Huffman, Mary Lyn, 482. [REVIEW] Consciousness and Cognition 6:597.
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