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  1. Robert K. Kretz (2000). The Evolution of Self-Awareness: Advances in Neurological Understandings Since Julian Jaynes' "Bicameral Mind". Dissertation Abstracts International 60.
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    Brian Leftow (1990). Time, Actuality and Omniscience. Religious Studies 26 (3):303 - 321.
    Many traditional theists have said that God is propositionally omniscient, i.e. knows all truths. Many traditional theists also hold that God is timeless. That is, these theists hold that though God exists, there is no time at which He exists, and He does not exist earlier or later than anything. Some recent philosophers, among them Arthor Prior, Robert Coburn, Norman Kretz mann, Nicholas Wolterstorfl Richard Gale and Patrick Grim, have argued that There are truths to whose expression ‘now’ (...)
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