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    Roberto Gutierrez, Roger Giner-Sorolla & Milica Vasiljevic (2012). Just an Anger Synonym? Moral Context Influences Predictors of Disgust Word Use. Cognition and Emotion 26 (1):53-64.
    Are verbal reports of disgust in moral situations specific indicators of the concept of disgust, or are they used metaphorically to refer to anger? In this experiment, participants read scenarios describing a violation of a norm either about the use of the body (bodily moral) or about harm and rights (socio-moral). They then expressed disgust and anger on verbal scales, and through facial expression endorsement measures. The use of disgust words in the socio-moral condition was largely predicted by anger words (...)
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    Roberto Gutiérrez & Audra Jones (2005). Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin American Communities. International Corporate Responsibility Series 2:303-328.
    Five different Latin American experiences help us to understand the impacts of corporate social responsibility on communities. We focus on communities composed of low-income populations to compare types of interventions, their main characteristics, spaces for community participation, and some results and impacts. Some of the findings indicate that (a) a company’s enlightened self-interest in its CSR program ensures its commitment to the program and the program’s sustainability; (b) community involvement from the outset in defining a project increases the probability of (...)
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  3. Roberto Gutiérrez, Patricia Márquez & Ezequiel Reficco (forthcoming). Configuration and Development of Alliance Portfolios: A Comparison of Same-Sector and Cross-Sector Partnerships. Journal of Business Ethics.
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  4. Jessica L. Tracy, Christine Prehn, David C. Rubin, Rick H. Hoyle, Mark R. Leary, Limor Lichtenstein-Vidne, Avishai Henik, Ziad Safadi, Roberto Gutierrez & Roger Giner-Sorolla (2012). Regular Articles 2 Gratitude: Prompting Behaviours That Build Relationships Monica Y. Bartlett, Paul Condon, Jourdan Cruz, Jolie Baumann, and David Desteno 14 Arrogant or Self-Confident? The Use of Contextual Knowledge to Differentiate Hubristic and Authentic Pride From a Single Nonverbal Expression. [REVIEW] Cognition and Emotion 26.