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  1. Peter T. Coleman, Robin R. Vallacher & Andrzej Nowak (2011). Tackling the Great Debate. In Conflict, Interdependence, and Justice. Springer 273--288.
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  2. Robin R. Vallacher, Andrzej Nowak & Michal Zochowski (2005). Dynamics of Social Coordination: The Synchronization of Internal States in Close Relationships. Interaction Studies 6 (1):35-52.
  3. Todd K. Shackelford & Robin R. Vallacher (2004). From Disorder to Coherence in Social Psychology. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27 (3):356-356.
    Krueger & Funder (K&F) presuppose that the base rate for social cognition is more rational than is indicated by research, and that a focus on cognitive errors and behavioral shortcomings is responsible for the fragmented nature of social psychology. Insight concerning both issues is forthcoming from advances in evolutionary psychology and the adaptation of dynamical systems theory to social psychology.
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  4. Robin R. Vallacher (1985). A Theory of Action Identification. L. Erlbaum.