1.  18
    Ronald M. Davis & Marcus Müllner (2002). Editorial Independence at Medical Journals Owned by Professional Associations: A Survey of Editors. [REVIEW] Science and Engineering Ethics 8 (4):513-528.
    The purpose of this study was to assess the degree of editorial independence at a sample of medical journals and the relationship between the journals and their owners. We surveyed the editors of 33 medical journals owned by not-for-profit organizations (“associations”), including 10 journals represented on the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (nine of which are general medical journals) and a random sample of 23 specialist journals with high impact factors that are indexed by the Institute for Scientific Information. (...)
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    Cheryl H. Bullard, Rick D. Hogan, Matthew S. Penn, Janet Ferris, John Cleland, Daniel Stier, Ronald M. Davis, Susan Allan, Leticia van de Putte, Virginia Caine, Richard E. Besser & Steven Gravely (2008). Improving Cross-Sectoral and Cross-Jurisdictional Coordination for Public Health Emergency Legal Preparedness. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 36 (s1):57-63.
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    Ronald M. Davis, Anne Victoria Neale & Joseph C. Monsur (2003). Medical Journals' Conflicts of Interest in the Publication of Book Reviews. Science and Engineering Ethics 9 (4):471-483.
    The purpose of the study was to assess medical journals’ conflicts of interest in the publication of book reviews. We examined book reviews published in 1999, 2000, and 2001 (N=1,876) in five leading medical journals: Annals of Internal Medicine, British Medical Journal (BMJ), Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Lancet, and New England Journal of Medicine. The main outcome measure was journal publication of reviews of books that had been published by the journal’s own publisher, that had been edited (...)
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