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    Rosario M. Isasi, Bartha M. Knoppers, Peter A. Singer & Abdallah S. Daar (2004). Legal and Ethical Approaches to Stem Cell and Cloning Research: A Comparative Analysis of Policies in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 32 (4):626-640.
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    Ubaka Ogbogu, Sarah Burningham, Adam Ollenberger, Kathryn Calder, Li Du, Khaled El Emam, Robyn Hyde-Lay, Rosario Isasi, Yann Joly, Ian Kerr, Bradley Malin, Michael McDonald, Steven Penney, Gayle Piat, Denis-Claude Roy, Jeremy Sugarman, Suzanne Vercauteren, Griet Verhenneman, Lori West & Timothy Caulfield (2014). Policy Recommendations for Addressing Privacy Challenges Associated with Cell-Based Research and Interventions. BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1):7.
    The increased use of human biological material for cell-based research and clinical interventions poses risks to the privacy of patients and donors, including the possibility of re-identification of individuals from anonymized cell lines and associated genetic data. These risks will increase as technologies and databases used for re-identification become affordable and more sophisticated. Policies that require ongoing linkage of cell lines to donors’ clinical information for research and regulatory purposes, and existing practices that limit research participants’ ability to control what (...)
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    Bartha Maria Knoppers, Emily Kirby & Rosario Isasi (2010). Genetics and Stem Cell Research : Models of International Policy-Making. In John Elliott, W. Calvin Ho & Sylvia S. N. Lim (eds.), Bioethics in Singapore: The Ethical Microcosm. World Scientific
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