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    Joel H. Amernic & Russell J. Craig (2010). Accounting as a Facilitator of Extreme Narcissism. Journal of Business Ethics 96 (1):79 - 93.
    We add texture to the conclusion of Duchon and Drake (Journal of Business Ethics, 85, 2009, 301) that extreme narcissism is associated with unethical conduct. We argue that the special features possessed by financial accounting facilitate extreme narcissism in susceptible CEOs. In particular, we propose that extremely narcissistic CEOs are key players in a recurring discourse cycle facilitated by financial accounting language and measures. Such CEOs project themselves as the corporation they lead, construct a narrative about the corporation and themselves (...)
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    Russell Craig, Tony Mortensen & Shefali Iyer (2013). Exploring Top Management Language for Signals of Possible Deception: The Words of Satyam's Chair Ramalinga Raju. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 113 (2):333-347.
    This paper explores the potential for systematic scrutiny of the language of top management to reveal signals of possible deceptive conduct. The language used in letters signed by Ramalinga Raju, Chair of the Indian multi-national company Satyam, are analysed using a multi-method quantitative approach. We explore the language in Raju’s annual report letters from 2002–2003 to 2007–2008; and in his letter of January 7, 2009 in which he confessed to deceptive conduct. We analyse the frequency of personal pronouns, the tone (...)
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    Joel Amernic & Russell Craig (2013). Leadership Discourse, Culture, and Corporate Ethics: CEO-Speak at News Corporation. Journal of Business Ethics 118 (2):379-394.
    We explore the language of leadership of global media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 2010, the year before the phone-hacking scandal in the UK came to public attention. Subsequent public enquiries in the UK exposed unethical conduct by staff of News Corporation, a global corporation whose Chairman and CEO was Rupert Murdoch. We focus on the ethical climate fashioned by ‘A Letter from Rupert Murdoch’ that appeared in the opening pages of the annual report of News Corporation for the year ended (...)
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    Russell Craig & Joel Amernic (2011). Detecting Linguistic Traces of Destructive Narcissism At-a-Distance in a CEO's Letter to Shareholders. Journal of Business Ethics 101 (4):563-575.
    Destructive narcissism is recognized increasingly as a serious impairment to good corporate leadership and ethical conduct. The Chief Executive Officer’s letter to shareholders (an important formal corporate communications medium) has potential to provide linguistic traces of destructive narcissism and insight to aspects of corporate leadership and the ambient ethical culture of a company. We demonstrate this potential through selective analyses of the letters of the Chief Executive Officers of Enron, Starbucks, and General Motors.
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    Nihel Chabrak, Russell Craig & Nabyla Daidj (forthcoming). Financialization and the Employee Suicide Crisis at France Telecom. Journal of Business Ethics.
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