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  1. Russell Vannoy (2000). The Structure of Sexual Perversity. Philosophy and Theology 12 (2):255-273.
    Sexual perversity has traditionally been defined in terms of violating externally imposed criteria for natural or normal sex. The theory proposed here views sexual desires in terms of their own internal structure, such that perverse desires are those which are self-defeating because they are contradictory. Sadism, masochism, and certain private acts between consenting heterosexual and homosexual adults are shown to be perverse in illustrating the use of this hopefully nonideological method.
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  2. Russell Vannoy (1995). Loving, Appraising, and Bestowing. In David Goicoechea (ed.), The Nature and Pursuit of Love: The Philosophy of Irving Singer. Prometheus Books 73.
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  3. Russell Vannoy (1982). Sex Without Love: A Philosophical Exploration. Philosophical Review 91 (4):653-656.