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    Richard rne, P. C. Lee, N. Njiraini, J. H. Poole, K. Sayialel, S. Sayialel, L. A. Bates & C. J. Moss (2008). Do Elephants Show Empathy? Journal of Consciousness Studies 15 (s 10-11):204-225.
    Elephants show a rich social organization and display a number of unusual traits. In this paper, we analyse reports collected over a thirty-five year period, describing behaviour that has the potential to reveal signs of empathic understanding. These include coalition formation, the offering of protection and comfort to others, retrieving and 'babysitting' calves, aiding individuals that would otherwise have difficulty in moving, and removing foreign objects attached to others. These records demonstrate that an elephant is capable of diagnosing animacy and (...)
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