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  1. S. W. Hinkley & Chris P. Tsokos (1975). Stochastic Processes in Particle-Number Fluctuations in an Electron-Photon Shower. Acta Biotheoretica 24 (1-2):58-74.score: 870.0
    The paper is concerned with the existence and asymptotic character of the nonlinear boundary value problemdG/dt=F(t,G,F, ¦–¦) (1) ¦–¦dF/dt=g(t,G,F, ¦–¦)G(o,¦–¦)=k 1,G(–¦)=k 2 (2) as ¦–¦ o+ The discussion is related to the problem of particle-number fluctuations in the theory of cosmic radiation andG andF denote respectively the probability generating functions for the electron distribution in an electron-initiated and a (...)
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