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    Durk Talsma, Daniel Senkowski, Salvador Soto-Faraco & Marty G. Woldorff (2010). The Multifaceted Interplay Between Attention and Multisensory Integration. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (9):400.
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    Núria Sebastián-Gallés & Salvador Soto-Faraco (1999). Online Processing of Native and Non-Native Phonemic Contrasts in Early Bilinguals. Cognition 72 (2):111-123.
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    Salvador Soto-Faraco & Agnès Alsius (2007). Conscious Access to the Unisensory Components of a Cross-Modal Illusion. Neuroreport 18 (4):347-350.
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    Ranmalee Eramudugolla, Marc R. Kamke, Salvador Soto-Faraco & Jason B. Mattingley (2011). Perceptual Load Influences Auditory Space Perception in the Ventriloquist Aftereffect. Cognition 118 (1):62-74.
    A period of exposure to trains of simultaneous but spatially offset auditory and visual stimuli can induce a temporary shift in the perception of sound location. This phenomenon, known as the 'ventriloquist aftereffect', reflects a realignment of auditory and visual spatial representations such that they approach perceptual alignment despite their physical spatial discordance. Such dynamic changes to sensory representations are likely to underlie the brain's ability to accommodate inter-sensory discordance produced by sensory errors (particularly in sound localization) and variability in (...)
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    Daniel Sanabria, Charles Spence & Salvador Soto-Faraco (2007). Perceptual and Decisional Contributions to Audiovisual Interactions in the Perception of Apparent Motion: A Signal Detection Study. Cognition 102 (2):299-310.
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  7. Emmanuel Biau & Salvador Soto-Faraco (2015). Synchronization by the Hand: The Sight of Gestures Modulates Low-Frequency Activity in Brain Responses to Continuous Speech. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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  8. Alan Kingstone, Shai Danziger, Stephen R. H. Langton & Salvador Soto-Faraco (2002). A Review of Attentional Capture: On its Automaticity and Sensitivity to Endogenous Control. [REVIEW] Psicologica International Journal of Methodology and Experimental Psychology 23 (2):343-346.
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