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    Scott R. Sehon (2005). Teleological Realism: Mind, Agency, and Explanation. Cambridge MA: Bradford Book/MIT Press.
  2. Scott R. Sehon (2000). An Argument Against the Causal Theory of Action Explanation. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 60 (1):67-85.
    It is widely held that belief explanations of action are a species of causal explanation. This paper argues against the causal construal of action explanation. It first defends the claim that unless beliefs are brain states, beliefs cannot causally explain behavior. Second, the paper argues against the view that beliefs are brain states. It follows from these claims that beliefs do not causally explain behavior. An alternative account is then proposed, according to which action explanation is teleological rather than causal, (...)
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    Scott R. Sehon (1997). Deviant Causal Chains and the Irreducibility of Teleological Explanation. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 78 (2):195–213.
    We typically explain human action teleologically, by citing the action's goal or purpose. However, a broad class of naturalistic projects within the philosophy of mind presuppose that teleological explanation is reducible to causal explanation. In this paper I argue that two recently suggested strategies - one suggested by Al Mele and the other proposed by John Bishop and Christopher Peacocke - fail to provide a successful causal analysis of teleological explanation. The persistent troubles encountered by the reductive project suggest that (...)
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    Scott R. Sehon (1994). Teleology and the Nature of Mental States. American Philosophical Quarterly 31 (1):63-72.
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    Scott R. Sehon (1997). Natural Kind Terms and the Status of Folk Psychology. American Philosophical Quarterly 34 (3):333-44.
  6. Scott R. Sehon (1995). Barbara Hannan, Subjectivity and Reduction: An Introduction to the Mind-Body Problem Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 15 (4):250-252.
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    Scott R. Sehon (1998). Connectionism and the Causal Theory of Action Explanation. Philosophical Psychology 11 (4):511-532.
    It is widely assumed that common sense psychological explanations of human action are a species of causal explanation. I argue against this construal, drawing on Ramsey et al.'s paper, “Connectionism, eliminativism, and the future of folk psychology”. I argue that if certain connec-tionist models are correct, then mental states cannot be identified with functionally discrete causes of behavior, and I respond to some recent attempts to deny this claim. However, I further contend that our common sense psychological practices are not (...)
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    Scott R. Sehon (2007). 8 Goal-Directed Action and Teleological Explanation. In J. K. Campbell, M. O'Rourke & H. S. Silverstein (eds.), Causation and Explanation. MIT Press 4--155.
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  9. Scott R. Sehon (1998). Barry Miller, A Most Unlikely God: A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Nature of God Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 18 (2):129-131.
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  10. Scott R. Sehon & Joseph F. Rychlak (1996). Logical Learning Theory: A Human Teleology and its Empirical Support. Philosophical Quarterly 46 (183):246.
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  11. Scott R. Sehon (1996). Okin on Feminism and Rawls. Philosophical Forum 27 (4):321-332.
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