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    Scott Rubarth, Stoic Philosophy of Mind. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Scott Rubarth (2002). Plato, McLuhan, and the Technology of Irony. International Studies in Philosophy 34 (2):95-114.
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    Scott Rubarth (1999). Aëtiana. Ancient Philosophy 19 (1):186-191.
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    Scott Rubarth (2008). Aristotle and the Science of Nature: Unity Without Uniformity (Review). Journal of the History of Philosophy 46 (4):pp. 632-633.
    Andrea Falcon argues that Aristotle considered natural science to be a coherent, systematic, and unified program while at the same time maintaining that the object of the study consists of a two-world system based on essentially different and incompatible substances. He sums up his model with the slogan, “unity without uniformity.” This short but rich monograph wrestles with important issues in Aristotelian philosophy of science, epistemology, and cosmology with some attention to psychology and biology. The issues at stake (...)
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  5. Scott Rubarth (1997). William Armstrong Percy III, Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 17 (4):275-276.
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