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    Perry Anderson, Clint Burnham, Steven Helmling, Sean Homer, Adam Roberts & Christopher Wise (2002). Reviewed by Ian Buchanan. Historical Materialism 10 (3):223-243.
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    Sean Homer (2008). Lacan: The Silent Partners. Contemporary Political Theory 7 (1):109.
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    Sean Homer (2005). Cinema and Fetishism: The Disavowal of a Concept. Historical Materialism 13 (1):85-116.
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  4. Sean Homer (2001). It's the Political Economy, Stupid! On Zizek's Marxism. Radical Philosophy 108:7-16.
  5. Sean Homer (2016). Slavoj Žižek and Radical Politics. Routledge.
    In this book, Sean Homer addresses Slavoj Žižek’s work in a specific political conjuncture, his political interventions in the Balkans. The charge of inconsistency and contradiction is frequently levelled at Žižek’s politics, a charge he openly embraces in the name of "pragmatism." Homer argues that his interventions in the Balkans exposes the dangers of this pragmatism for the renewal of Leftist politics that he calls for. The book asses Žižek’s political interventions inso far as they advance his self-proclaimed "ruthlessly radical" (...)
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