1. Seung-hwan Lee (1996). Liberal Rights or/and Confucian Virtues? Philosophy East and West 46 (3):367-379.
    The necessity of a coordination of rights and virtues is analyzed. Interpreting liberalism as a rights-based morality and Confucianism as a virtue-based morality, the author directs his criticism to the extremes found within both. Through a mutual criticism of liberalism and Confucianism, it is proposed that the coordination of these two moral systems is not only possible, but also necessary for a fulfilling moral society.
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  2. Seung-Hwan Lee (1992). Was There a Concept of Rights in Confucian Virtue-Based Morality? Journal of Chinese Philosophy 19 (3):241-261.
  3. Seung-Hwan Lee, Virtues and Rights : Reconstruction of Confucianism as a Rational Communitarianism.