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    Damian J. Bebell & Shannon M. Fera (2000). Comparison and Analysis of Selected English Interpretations of the Tao Te Ching. Asian Philosophy 10 (2):133 – 147.score: 872.8
    In the last 150 years, the ambiguous and enigmatic 81 chapters of the Tao Te Ching have been translated, interpreted and adapted into the English language more than 100 times. The Tao and its subtle philosophy is currently being actively assimilated into mainstream western culture as evidenced by the popularity and volume of Taoist works. The purpose of this study was to analyse this phenomenon. First, a database of English translations of the Tao Te Ching was established. This database documents (...)
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    A. D. Morrison (2004). Lyric receptions M. cannatà Fera, G. B. D'alessio (edd.): I Lirici greci. Forme Della comunicazione E storia Del testo. Atti Dell'incontro di studi, Messina, 5–6 novembre 1999 . (Pelorias 8.) pp. 205. Messina: Dipartimento di scienze Dell'antichità Dell'università degli studi di Messina, 2001. Paper, €30. Isbn: 88-8268-007-X. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 54 (01):23-.score: 120.1
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