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    Sophia Isako Wong (2007). The Moral Personhood of Individuals Labeled “Mentally Retarded”: A Rawlsian Response to Nussbaum. Social Theory and Practice 33 (4):579-594.
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    Sophia Isako Wong (2009). Duties of Justice to Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities. Metaphilosophy 40 (3-4):382-401.
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    Sophia Isako Wong (2002). At Home with Down Syndrome and Gender. Hypatia 17 (3):89-117.
    : I argue that there is an important analogy between sex selection and selective abortion of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome. There are surprising parallels between the social construction of Down syndrome as a disability and the deeply entrenched institutionalization of sexual difference in many societies. Prevailing concepts of gender and mental retardation exert a powerful influence in constructing the sexual identities and life plans of people with Down syndrome, and also affect their families' lives.
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    Sophia Isako Wong (2008). Justice and Cognitive Disabilities: Specifying the Problem. Essays in Philosophy 9 (1):1.
    The question of how to treat people with cognitive disabilities poses an important problem for Rawlsian theories of justice because it is unclear whether PCDs are included within the scope of moral personhood. Rawls’s Standard Solution focuses on nondisabled adults as the fundamental case, while later addressing PCDs as marginal cases. I claim that the Standard Solution has two weaknesses. First, it relies on a dichotomy between nondisabled and disabled that is tenuous and difficult to defend. Second, it makes the (...)
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