Stephen A. McKnight [7]Stephen Alen Mcknight [1]
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    Stephen A. McKnight (2006). The Religious Foundations of Francis Bacon's Thought. University of Missouri Press.
    Bacon's religion obscured : the problem of reading in the "future indicative" -- The new Atlantis -- The great instauration -- The new organon -- Themes and images in Bacon's early writings -- Conclusion: four key Baconian themes : instauration, providence, apocalypse, and vocation.
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  2. Michael Franz, Stephen A. McKnight, Michael P. Morrissey, William Petropulos, Geoffrey L. Price, John J. Ranieri & William M. Thompson (1998). The Politics of the Soul: Eric Voegelin on Religious Experience. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    The Politics of the Soul: Eric Voegelin on Religious Experience includes eight essays examining one of the most profound studies of religious experience to appear in the last century: that of the political philosopher Eric Voegelin. Voegelin is increasingly recognized as a political theorist of exceptional scope and erudition and the most important philosopher of his time since Toynbee, and his treatment of religious experience is a crucial part of his overall analysis of existence and history. This collection of essays (...)
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    Stephen A. McKnight (2007). Religion and Francis Bacon's Scientific Utopianism. Zygon 42 (2):463-486.