1.  36
    Michael Siegal, Rosemary Varley & Stephen C. Want (2001). Mind Over Grammar: Reasoning in Aphasia and Development. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5 (7):296-301.
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    Christine McLean, Stephen C. Want & Benjamin J. Dyson (2015). The Role of Similarity, Sound and Awareness in the Appreciation of Visual Artwork Via Motor Simulation. Cognition 137:174-181.
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    Stephen C. Want & Paul L. Harris (1998). Indices of Program-Level Comprehension. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (5):706-707.
    Byrne & Russon suggest that the production of action by primates is hierarchically organised. We assess the evidence for hierarchical structure in the comprehension of action by primates. Focusing on work with human children we evaluate several possible indices of program-level comprehension.
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