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  1. Stephen P. Hinshaw (2005). Objective Assessment of Covert Antisocial Behavior: Predictive Validity and Ethical Considerations. Ethics and Behavior 15 (3):259 – 269.score: 870.0
    Although less observable than the overt actions of fighting and assault, covert antisocial behaviors such as stealing and property destruction comprise an important subclass of externalizing behavior patterns, displaying considerable predictive power toward delinquency in adolescence. I discuss a laboratory paradigm for objective observation of such behaviors in children that has shown impressive concurrent and predictive validity among samples of boys with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Addressed herein are crucial questions regarding the ethics of tempting children to steal (...)
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  2. [deleted]Hinshaw Stephen (2009). Diverse Factors in Impulse Control and Emotion Regulation: The Examples of ADHD and Adolescent Girls' Internalizing Disorders. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 3.score: 240.0
  3. Hinshaw Jr (1957). Book Review:The Revolution in Philosophy A. J. Ayer, W. C. Kneale, G. A. Paul, D. F. Pears, P. F. Strawson, G. J. Warnock, R. A. Wollheim. [REVIEW] Philosophy of Science 24 (4):366-.score: 36.0