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    Steven Frankel (2011). Politics and Rhetoric. Review of Metaphysics 52 (4):897-924.
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    Steven Frankel (2002). Spinoza's Dual Teachings of Scripture: His Solution to the Quarrel Between Reason and Revelation. Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 84 (3):273-296.
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    Steven Frankel (2005). Spinoza's Response to Maimonides. International Philosophical Quarterly 45 (3):309-325.
    Spinoza resolves the tension between reason and revelation by granting reason complete authority and autonomy in all philosophical and natural matters, and by denying revelation any claims to knowledge. Despite this dramatic partisanship, he attempts to make this solution attractive to believers by creating a hermeneutic that allows a limited claim to knowledge for revelation. This article attempts to explain how he arrived at this strategy and why he believed it would succeed.
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    Steven Frankel (2002). The Piety of a Heretic: Spinoza's Interpretation of Judaism. Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 11 (2):117-134.
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    Steven H. Frankel (2005). Spinoza. Teaching Philosophy 28 (4):394-396.