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    Steven M. Bayne (2004). Kant on Causation: On the Fivefold Routes to the Principle of Causation. State University of New York Press.
    A volume in the SUNY series in Philosophy George R. Lucas Jr., editor.
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    Steven M. Bayne (2007). Hume on Miracles: Would It Take a Miracle to Believe in a Miracle? Southern Journal of Philosophy 45 (1):1-29.
    Given Hume’s theory of belief and belief production it is no small task to explain how it is possible for a belief in a miracle to be produced. I argue that belief in a miracle cannot be produced through Hume’s standard causal mechanisms and that although education, passion, and testimony initially seem to be promising mechanisms for producing belief in a miracle, none of these is able to produce the belief in amiracle. I conclude by explaining how this poses a (...)
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    Steven M. Bayne (2000). Kant's Answer to Hume: How Kant Should Have Tried to Stand Hume's Copy Thesis on its Head. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 8 (2):207 – 224.
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    Steven M. Bayne (1994). Objects of Representations and Kant's Second Analogy. Journal of the History of Philosophy 32 (3):381-410.
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    Steven M. Bayne (1997). Kant's Theory of Imagination: Bridging Gaps in Judgement and Experience. Journal of the History of Philosophy 35 (4):632-633.
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  7. Steven M. Bayne (2011). Marks, Images, and Rules. In Dennis Schulting & Jacco Verburgt (eds.), Kant's Idealism: New Interpretations of a Controversial Doctrine. Springer 127-142.